Myths and Facts – The Misunderstood Events of Galileo’s Heliocentrism Affair

Galileo and his Heliocentrism. It is one of the classic fables about science vs. religion that we have been hearing for ages. However, how much of it was really the truth and how much is just myth?

One day I stumbled upon a comprehensive analysis to the answer of this question, which presented facts contrary to the widely-known tale. Because the author had already made a great writing, I figured I’d just repost what he wrote.

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3 Tendencies that are Holding Us Back from Improvement


Our brain is amazing. Not only it coordinated the immune system to fight off physical hazards, it also equips itself with layers and layers of defense mechanism to protect our mind. Ironically, it is the same defense mechanisms that are preventing us to grow up more often that it actually is protecting us.

Your psyche will try to shoot down anything that might keep things from staying exactly where they are. It doesn’t want to accept that you are wrong; You are always right. So even now, some of you reading this might be feeling your brain bombard you with loads of reasons to reject it. If you’re one of those, I’m warning you that what follows might not be comfortable. But if you’re willing to embrace the discomfort for the sake of improving yourself, then let’s take a look together at the forms this mechanism often come in.

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How Games Changed My Life – Persona 4

Recently, I stumbled upon a heartwarming website about people’s testimonies how video games saved their lives.

Seeing as two games also have changed my life, I decided to give my own testimony – How games changed my life. (I’ll only do one for now, though. Those two games changed my life in two different aspects)

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4 Ways to Use Social Media More Wisely

Social network sites are unarguably an inseparable part of our lives now.

Some people indeed choose not to use them, but there are huge benefits of using one. However, the social medias come as double-edged sword. If you’re using it not wise enough, it may actually ended up hurting yourself.

Of course, there are a lot of ways to use social medias wisely and more beneficially, but for now, I’ll keep it to four aspects that I see are problematic these days.

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Story of the Children Playing in the Train Roads

This is a very good story to reflect on. The following drawings were not made by me, and I don’t know who is the original artist. I merely translate the texts into English. You can contact me for the original Indonesian version. Click on the images to enlarge.

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Magic of Perspective: Easy Steps to be Happier!

What defines a person with a happy life?

Is it his possessions? Is it his career? Why do many fortunate people instead feel unhappy in his/her life?

Often, happiness is not about something we have, but about how we see things. In this article, I will share how a difference of perspective can mean a lot!

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Law of Energy Conservation Philosophy in Human Life

Are you familiar with the Law of Energy Conservation?

It is one of the prominent physic laws which states, “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it only changes its form.” 

The sum of all energies remain the same, from the time of creation until its eventual end. However, although the value remains, energy can change form. Water turns into vapor when heated, wood into fire, electric converted into kinetic energy, and so on.

However, the Energy Conservation Law (will be referred as “ECL” from this point) is not only a mere physic law. Few people realize that it also plays a vital role in our life as a human, a being that is not just quantitative as in science, but also qualitative. The things that happen in our life follows the ECL.


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