Meet my Mascot – Hinazumi Maya

My Mascot

Who is Hinazumi Maya?
Hinazumi Maya is my original character as well as the mascot of this site. She was first created during my early days of junior high school as a random scribble, however by strings of fate, gained more development and became my favorite original character.

For meaning behind her name… It doesn’t have one. Well, truth be told, I only have a little to no knowledge about Japanese when I created her (I was still a kid back then), thus the name I gave her is just a name. However when I get older and know more about Japanese, I don’t want to change her name because I feel like I would change the feeling. So the name with no meaning stays. ;D

Chibi Profile

More about Maya

  • Full Name: Hinazumi Maya  (ひなずみ  マヤ)
  • Birthday: I forgot when I created her, but let’s just make it August 6, the same with Tri-Edge Arts 😀
  • Height: 165 cm
  • Blood type: AB
  • Hobbies and interests include singing, cosplaying, shooting, and history.
  • She is also a character from Apostles of Darkness (闇の使徒), a light novel I wrote. The rough sketch of the plot is finished, but the novel itself is unfinished.
  • She has a bright and kind personality.
  • A little too innocent and is quite naive.
  • Doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice her own needs for somebody else.
  • She aspires to make the world more beautiful. She begins from herself by always showing love to those around her.

Some illustrations of her… (You can find more in my DeviantArt and Facebook)

Maya cosplaying as a witch for Halloween

Maya and Reiji parodizing the popular illustration of the light novel "Ore no Imouto ga konna ni Kawaii wake ga nai!" Reiji is another main character from my "Apostles of Darkness."


12 thoughts on “Meet my Mascot – Hinazumi Maya

    • Thanks 🙂

      And yes, she does look like Rin, but Rin was published in 2008, while I already drew Maya during my early junior high, which is around 2005-2007 (can’t remember the exact year) ;D

  1. somehow karya anda jadi lebih baik dari sebelumny, honestly this is 175% way much better than the 1st time you draw her (pas pertama x gw liad sih, yg di kertas itu), dan kekny belom nyampe 1 tahun :v”..

  2. Akhirnya saya mengerti apa yang bikin terasa aneh setiap lihat gambar mascot anda …. anda terlalu memaksakan telinga untuk selalu terlihat makanya jadi rada aneh proporsi wajahnya.

    btw nggak usah terlalu ditanggapi serius, ini cuma comment random guest yang lewat …

  3. I love the halloween one :3

    you remind me of myself, I used to make original characters too, but I rarely do that now

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