Chinese New Year Frenzy – XII Science-1 Style

Result of too much 9gagging

In order to celebrate the incoming Chinese New Year and the passed Christmas, my school negated the lessons today and held two events (can be three depending on how you treat them).

And as Boromir said, my class, the XII-Science 1, did not simply celebrate it dully.

The first event was an Eucharist Ceremony for Christmas and New Year — Nothing much. The second event was class-decorating competition and lunch together with each class’ homeroom teachers. Sounds usual? Not in our hands.

First thing we do after we got back from the ceremony to class was begin decorating! Each class in our school has another chalkboard in the back wall of the class, which every class uses to draw on. What do we do with them? No, just because we’re Science class doesn’t mean we were going to draw electrons and write alien formulas all over the board.

This is what we have:

By Trivany Angelia

By Debie Trihartono. Oh, and it PUKES RAINBOW :v

By Fandi Setiawan and Ricky Tanuwijaya. XII-Science 1 are United.

And the following drawings are done by me:


Yaoming Dragon

Yaoming's Reaction

Symbolizes our anarchist, wild, yet creative and brilliant class.

"Makan BAKSO, SATE, ENAK YA!" -- by Barrack Obama when he gave a speech during a visit to Indonesia.

And lastly, Hitler

Totally Out of Place.

The final result…

Totally lolwut.


The epicness didn’t end there.

After finishing our fabulouuus board, a WHOLE ARMY of the Social Class stormed to our class, led by one of my classmate.

Our class turned into a battlefield! The strong-guy representatives of Social and Science initiated an arm-wrestling battle between the departments to see which one is stronger.

People usually see that Science students are composed of bookworms and the such, but really?

And so the battle begin…

Yeah, it is THAT intense.

Sadly… I forgot to take any picture of the war orz

Just to picture the feel, it was very meriah (can’t find the English for this Indonesian word, orz). People standing on their chairs and tables, yelling and applausing, shouting and cheering their representatives… competitors tagging in and out… It was a blast.

After the war has subsided, most students go back to their own classes, with some few stayed in our class.

Then sexy gay time ensues.

Still better love story than Twilight.

"You're so deep inside me!"

What happened next would be better to be left untold.

That concludes our day. There’s still the lunch with homeroom teacher, but nothing extraordinary happened, so I’ll leave it at that 😛

What about your school? Do they hold an event for Chinese New Year too?

Have a good day and ’till later! 😀



P.S. The Winner of the brawl is… Science!


5 thoughts on “Chinese New Year Frenzy – XII Science-1 Style

  1. reminds me of my high school days T_T. btw, Meriah = glamor. it can have lots of meaning though Xd. and anyway, I dont know science class can win a brawl, lol, I was in social class in my late high school days and we never lose a brawl lol, but we lose in brains though xD

    • Ah, thanks for the glamor 🙂

      Haha, time do change, I guess. In my school, socials don’t always win in brawl and science don’t always win in brains, either. It’s a choice of where you want to go after high school; some really genius students go to socials class because they know what they want to be when they grow up. 🙂

  2. To be honest, your board doesn’t resemble Chinew New Year anymore… but it’s… Cool to see so I guess that kinda make up for it.

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