PLASMA 2012 Day 1 Coverage!

Official poster from PLASMA

PLASMA stands for “Pelatihan dan Lomba Penelitian Anak SMA” (Research Training and Competition for High School Students), an annual event hold by Student Research Unit at Atma Jaya Catholic University, a renowned University in Indonesia. This series of activities is devoted for high school students to get to know researches and foster critical thinking.

Every year, this event trains a big number of high school students from numerous schools in Jabodetabek, Indonesia and then holds a research competition, where I and my team were the victor last year.

This year though, I came to PLASMA not as a participant anymore, because my school forbids third graders from participating in inter-school competitions from 2nd semester onward, to focus them on their upcoming final tests; but I still came to mentor my underclassmen who participates in PLASMA, as well as to see the brilliance of this event this year 😀

The victor team in 2011, Regina Pacis Jakarta Team B. From left to right: Mr. Heri, Kevin (me), Matthew, and Christeven.

I couldn’t attend PLASMA from the start, though. On the day, I had a practical exam in school in the morning, which finished around 11 AM. I immediately went to Atma Jaya and arrived in the PLASMA room around 12, missing about half of the event 😛

Not unexpectedly, this year’s event was bigger than the last. It had more sponsors, bigger prizes, and of course, more participants!

The PLASMA room when I got there. The session for the second speaker was on the way, teaching the participants about methodology of a research.

The second speaker. Sorry for the extremely low quality photo. When I arrived, I had to sit in the farthest guest seat, and I didn't bring a camera, so my phone camera had to zoom a lot, resulting in this LQ picture.

I also acquired the time table for the whole event, which turned out it wasn’t much different than last year’s — Day 1 for seminar and technical meeting, Day 2 for presentation, and Day 3 for another seminar and announcement of the winners.

Time table of the event.

After the second speaker finished her session, the event had a lunch break for 30 minutes.  It was when I regrouped with my underclassmen from Regina Pacis High School Jakarta.

Last year, my school sent two teams, but this year, we had three! 😀

Regina Pacis Team A: (from left to right) Loenardi, Shellyana, and Cynthia.

Regina Pacis Team B: Eustella and Robert. There is one more member, but she was absent yesterday.

Regina Pacis Team C: Mochi, Catherine, and Donna.

After having lunch, the eight of them plus me and our coordinator, Mr. Heri, discussed about various things.

Then the event continued on with the remaining three sessions.

The third speaker, Mrs. Vierra, talking about the ethics of a research. We had a 10-minute break following her session.

The fourth speaker, Mr. Hoshael, talking about Critical Thinking. He also did the fourth session last year, "Thinking Out of the Box," and he's my favorite speaker in PLASMA for being funny yet sharp.

Lastly, the technical meeting.

The show’s just got started. It’s time for the participants to know the rules in the competition they are going to attend.

I also observed the rules, and they were the same as last year’s, except for one. Last year, every participants had their turns for presentation, one team by one team. This year, the teams will be divided into two blocks, so two teams will present at the same time, each in a different room.

If somehow you’re interested, you can also get the soft copy for the rules from the PLASMA committees.

Finally, PLASMA’s Day 1 came to an end. As we were preparing our belongings, we got a nice announcement that the participants were going to be given a Buy-1-Get-1-Free Voucher at Seven Eleven for the purchase of a Slurpee 😀 (well, although I didn’t get one because I wasn’t a participant)

I also took the chance to take a photo with last year’s fellow participant, who participated again this year.

Sandy Natalia and I. Good luck this year, Sandy!

And so, that brought the end of my report from PLASMA’s Day 1.

If my schedule was free during the second and third day, I will make sure to come again and do another report.

Good luck for all participants! May the best team win! 😀
Good luck as well for all committees of PLASMA, do your best and best wishes for this event!

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3 thoughts on “PLASMA 2012 Day 1 Coverage!

  1. thats an interesting competition, i rarely heard of a research competition.

    so the students supposed to make an invention in communication or something around that?

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