Two Sides of the Same Coin of Overindulgence

Tonight, I attended a glamorous wedding party in Ritz Carlton, an elite hotel known worldwide. The party was fabulous. I indulged myself in the amazing party set up by the event organizers and in the heavenly foods. However, as I moved around the room, a different thought came to my mind.

Is what “we” are doing right?

"Yin and Yang of Starvation," by David Revoy.

By “what we’re doing,” I don’t say that holding a party is wrong or guilty of hedonism. However, there is something else about big parties. Something else that is nothing for some people, yet painful for others.

As I walked around the room, I couldn’t enjoy myself anymore. What I found around the room was an outstandingly huge amount of wasted food. Hundreds of plates stacked in the dirty-plate tray, filled with huge chunks of premium-quality ribs, discarded cakes, and sometimes an amount which doesn’t fit the term “leftover” anymore, like a whole plate of pasta still untouched. Heck, you can even feed a whole orphanage for days with all those food.

Why do most of “us” do that?

Do the comfort we can enjoy everyday made us forget to cherish the things we are fortunate enough to have? While we’re enjoying our lives, countless people out there are working their asses everyday to get nothing but enough food just to keep them alive.

I don’t generalize rich people, of course. I know many of them also earned their wealth through hard work or excellence, but while some of them overindulge themselves, they rarely remember that there are countless people starving out there.


Dafuq? Dude, you’re saying that by finishing our plates, we can reduce starvation? Wow. (sarcasm)

No, that’s not my point. What I meant is, instead of overindulging in food, why don’t we spare some money or food to share with the less fortunate? Instead of wasting excess food, why don’t we get food in an amount we can manage, so nothing will be wasted? Think about those starving kids in Africa, and how pitiful it is to see food wasted in vain.

You’re saying that we don’t spare charity for those in need? Who are you to think that?

Nah, I don’t think like that. Like I said above, I don’t generalize rich people. There are also many who donates their fortune regularly, but I thought that it would’ve been better if more people do the same, too. What about me? Honestly, I don’t intend to boast, but I’m not a hypocrite; I also donate quite often.

Hunger Solution

This is merely a dramatization, not necessarily a technical truth about obese people. No offense to anyone!

It may look trivial for some, but when you look further, the number’s not trivial at all. In just one glamorous party, I said that there were wasted food “enough to feed an entire orphanage for days.” Let’s say, if everyone stopped wasting food, and those excess is given to feed the starving people, man, I think solving the world problem of hunger would have seen a huge progress.

So, let’s respect our blessings more, stop wasting food, and do not fall into overindulgence (and by extension, hedonism). The smallest action you do with love today is a big gear that  changes the world.

Have a good day!

Bonus: click here to see how fortunate you are! 🙂


14 thoughts on “Two Sides of the Same Coin of Overindulgence

  1. When I was working in the restaurant, I was the one who HAVE to throw away plates of untouched food into the garbage bin. It hurts just to see, imagine if you actually have to be the one who throw the food away. And what’s even more sad is that the hotel actually have an article about food waste from buffets, nicely glued to their information board.

    Yes, most people don’t care. Because they think, “I already paid for it.”

    Nice pointing this out.

    • Yeah, that’s unfortunate. I won’t be a hypocrite and say I know how you feel, but I know that that must be painful. Tough luck in there.

      Well, guess it is up to us to point things like this more; not just in this matter, but also other similar matters. 🙂

  2. hooh, it seems that you’re already gaining readers bit by bit, god job

    regarding the article, its kinda like too naive to change because its already become a habit (and, in some case, culture standard) but it isn’t. a small change can affect others, just keep the spirit.

  3. Nothing wrong with overindulging yourself once in awhile… if you can finish what you ordered. The real problem here is the amount of stuff that goes to waste. To put things into perspective: imagine all the food that people don’t buy/consume before they expire in restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, and shops. Then imagine the number of these establishments in the world. And every single day, there is food that needs to go. Just imagining the sheer amount of food wasted is shuddering. So it helps, at the very least, to finish what you order.

  4. Great piece of work here, 2 thumbs up.

    Although, the food for obese people isnt just meant to be taken and given to other ppl. An example, obese people’s innards are too accustomed to copious amounts of food, that their stomachs in tandem, produce massive amounts of gastric acid to cope with the amount of intake. Take half of the food away, the acid wont reduce itself. At least not immediately. Their other digestive functions are quite on the same line. *Also the answer to the question why fat ppl cant reduce weight easily as slim ppl* Obese people, in a sense also NEED that kind of intake to survive.

    just my 200 rupiah.

    • Thanks for the comment 🙂

      Ah right, that’s true. I should put a caption on the image to let people know that it is merely a dramatization, not necessarily a technical reality. Thanks!

  5. Nice ! Students in my school should read this. My school is rich people’s school and they’re so damn cocky and keep wasting money in the mall regularly. If they can just use their parent’s money for something more important, just count how much they will gather.

  6. I think people that waste food are ̶b̶a̶d̶ ̶p̶e̶o̶p̶l̶e̶ (wait, Kazumi?) people who didn’t fight for their money, and in tandem, their lives.

    People who struggle or at least have a very good understanding of what does it means to work usually don’t waste their food, they’ll understand that food doesn’t come free and people work so hard to obtain these and present them on the plate

    Hopefully, with this, their eyes would be opened without the need to read Toriko :v

  7. dulu, nenek saya pernah bilang kalo makan itu jangan disisain. karena gak ngehormatin yang masak, serta kesannya buang buang.

    dan semuanya uda jelas kenapa :v /

    oh iya juga. orang cenderung kalo mau nyumbang itu dalam bentuk uang. jarang dalam bentuk makanan karena alasan ribet+males.

    padahal kalo dibikinin makanan terus dikasih ke orang itu lebih worth. makanya orang tua kita ngomong kalo makan itu dihabisin. kayak yg gw bilang diatas :3

    • Saya setuju sekali dengan komentar anda 🙂

      Betul, memberi sumbangan berupa makanan memang lebih baik, tapi seperti yang anda bilang, itu kadang merepotkan. Jadi menurut saya, asalkan niatnya tulus, diberikan dalam bentuk uang juga tidak apalah. Toh, jika sumbangan tersebut tidak diberikan secara individu tapi melalui penyalur, sang penyalur bisa mengkonversikannya menjadi makanan. (ini termasuk lembaga-lembaga seperti panti asuhan, etc.)

      Terima kasih atas komentarnya 😀

  8. Your thought is same with mine too. I often to think and to write down about that, but I don’t have enough time and idea, also I have brothers to share my computer with. I always think that its very ironic, if we waste a large amount of food, while our brothers/sisters in indonesia, asia and africa are starving to death. My brother is a cheff, that makes me hurt. Everytime I help him work in the restaurant or hotel’s kitchen, I see cheff throw the food away, I see the costumer waste of food, costumers leaves food on the plate, etc. *not sure to live in this city

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