Finding Childhood Treasure

Today was a tear-jerking happy day for me.

When my mom cleaned our rooms when I were at school, since we’re going to move to a new house in a few months, she found my a whole lot of my childhood treasures! I couldn’t help but to let my happiness burst.

80’s – 90’s kids will get this.

The first box, filled with so much tear-jerking sweet memories.

Three medicine-bottles worth of Pokemon tazos. I remembered that when I was in elementary school, I didn't give up a single second when the teacher confiscate these and continued to negotiate with him for days, until he finally gave it back. So much win...

I and many other 90's kids also have Digimon tazos. Back then, these holographic tokens were so precious that we hold them dear like nothing else. Brings back memories. Silly, but sweet. Most of them that I own are even still inside their plastics XD

Then, we move on to the two sub-boxes inside the first big box.

There were all the hype back then in my elementary school days. We buy a lot of those packed candies just to get more and more of these XD You see, these are uh... small figurines made by sticking flat models together. Take a look close at the next photo.

This is an example of the finished build. Sure, the term "figurine" doesn't really fit the end result, but back then, it drew out the creativity inside us, and made us feel... like an architect. :megusta: Btw, the Veemon's left arm is missing though.

I still even have some unbuilt ones *manlytears*

That’s not all ;D

There’s still one more box… and its contents surprised me.

Digimon 02 original DVDs! So nostalgic!!

And last but not least…

Me Gusta.


That was one awesome day. No matter how old we are now, our childhood is irreplaceable. Sure, it isn’t only filled with happiness, but no matter what, it is what made us the we today.

As a bonus, I’ll share two of these cool Digimon pictures. See you again next time! πŸ˜€ (you can click them to enlarge!)


21 thoughts on “Finding Childhood Treasure

  1. now that’s really being a child is about….

    i remembered i also have those digimon figures made from sticking plates together..
    i had veemon, agumon, etc and also had taichi and yamato πŸ™‚

    as for the tazos, i had digimon but not pokemon. for exchange, i had soooooo many looney tunes tazos. i almost had complete set back then, and i even bought the album at a convenience store.
    do you remember “chiki”? yeah, that tiny snack along with “cheetos”, “jet z” and “chitato” gave us those looney tunes tazos inside the snack packages πŸ™‚

    so many i wanna talk about, but that will spoil the fun. let other kids tell us their stories

    • I like your comment XD

      Yeah, those were good memories. Let the child within us still live and dream, while still maintaining thoughts as adults. That’s the key to be a successful and happy man.

  2. AHHHHHHhhhhhhh Puzzle Digimon nya… DO WANT @.@

    and uh… I don’t remember anything about Digimon Tazos….

    but I did remember there was a time where original Tazos (which featuring Looney Tunes characters) are existed, a long ago before Pokemon Tazos

  3. *dust in my eyes (lied :p)
    yeah pokemon tazos and digimon puzzle from totoro candy :me gusta:
    when i was 6th grade, it seems like my friends want to sell their soul to evil spirit for the pikachu tazos LOL

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