Closing Event of Think Quest Competition 2011!

The victor team of Think Quest Competition "Jakarta of my Dream Contest 2011" from Regina Pacis High School Jakarta, mentor teacher, headmaster, and two of the committees

Today, 26th March 2012 is the long-awaited final event of the National Think Quest Competition “Jakarta of my Dream Contest 2011.”

Think Quest Competition is an annual competition dedicated to cultivate students’ critical thinking ability and the ability to utilize technology. The overseas Think Quest event is held by Oracle Foundation, and the national Think Quest is held by the cooperation between Oracle, Department of Education, and Pesona Edu. The winner of the national level can go to the overseas level to compete even higher.

Last year’s contest, the aforementioned “Jakarta of my Dream Contest 2011” was held from May ~ December 2011, with over 5,240 participants nationwide. The event experienced several delays though, which is why the announcement is just today in March 2012.

What is the competition about?

The competition’s objective was to create a project with the topic “Jakarta of my Dream.”

The topic branched into a wide range of aspects — economy, social, health, education, and many more. Our team chose the theme “Desentralisasi sebagai Solusi Kepadatan Penduduk.” (Decentralization as a Solution of Population Boom)

Phases of the Competition

The competition was divided into two phases: Online project submission, and presentation. The winner is the team with highest combined score of both phases.

The time period of the online project creation was from May 2011 to November 2011. We had to create a project and utilize the Think Quest engine to turn it into a sort of simple website (all teams’ sites use the same template). I don’t know why, but since the contest period ended, links to the sites no longer work except for Admins. Even the participants couldn’t access them anymore.

Here is some screenshot of the site:

Then, from the thousands of sites, about fifteen teams from each education level (elementary, junior high, high school) qualified into the second phase.

In the Second Phase, we are to present our projects to the judges. The judges are representatives of Oracle, Department of Education, and Pesona Edu. We presented our project in December, which is a month after the first phase’s deadline.

At first, the announcement of winners was scheduled to be a month later, but it got delayed until an indefinite date. (then we entered 2012)

Sudden Unforeseen Development!

By March 2012, we got a call about another phase which wasn’t in the schedule before:

The selection of team with the best presentation performance to present their project in front of the Department of Education and the Governor of Jakarta.

We were given a week to prepare and present once again — though we were told that this presentation does not affect the outcome of winners, it was only to choose the best presentation to present in the closing day. (in other words, it only see the presentation score, while selection of winner sees both written project and presentation scores)

And the shocking outcome of the scoring was a delighting call that our team is the one to present in the closing day!

And so, the day came…

The closing event was held in the town hall. Office of many government officers.

The Hall of the closing event. Man, those texts in the wall was so awesome.

Shortly after our arrival, we were told to have a recorded interview. Mmmm, maybe they’re going to air it some time later? 😀 That would be great if it’s true.

Our team (and our mentor teacher) going to the interview hall.

Our teammate, Ricky Tan being interviewed. We had the interview one by one instead as a team.

Our teammate, Michael Bolga took a photo next to the photo of Indonesia's president.

And this is me! 😀

And so, we went back to the main hall. The event was ngaret (Indonesian slang term for “being late”) for about one hour (onore government!). And even after the wait, turned out the governor couldn’t come, don’t know why.

Anyways, there were three presentations, each from different levels of education. The first one to go was high school — our team. I was a little nervous, presenting a project in front of a legion of government officers, but fortunately my public speech was unaffected by it. Bolga did much better though, he was more flexible and less formal than me while presenting, he garnered applauses from the audience XD (Ricky was the operator)

The second to follow was junior high. The three girls (I forgot from what school they came from) brought their show in English.

The last but not least was elementary school level. Again, please pardon that I forgot what school they came from, but they were really smart for elementary schoolers. Their project was good too, salute. (Faith in humanity: restored)

Finally, the announcement time!

The one announcing the winners was a higher-up from the international Oracle Foundation. A very handsome and charismatic caucasian. He started from elementary school.

We already knew that the one presenting today was not guaranteed winner, but it still shocked us that the team who presented didn’t came first. They came in 2nd place. To even more of our horror, the junior-high team who presented only came in 3rd place D:

We started to worry about our own ranks. And…

Third place! …Not Regina Pacis…
Second place! …Not Regina Pacis…
First place! …

Bolga literally jumped off his chair and nearly hit the ceilings as he read our school’s name.
My foot hurt because I stomped hard in joy. Ricky seemed to have expected our victory, though (watch out, we got a badass over here :v)

I’m really grateful for the victory, thanks God for it. *manlytears*

After taking our prizes, a closing speech, and taking our certificates, we finally go home in joy with the school’s car. For one last moment though, we took several photos in front of the building. (Most of them were taken by our school’s Sister’s camera though; the only photo in my phone camera is the following photo)

Ricky is not in the photo because he was the one taking this photo.

Coincidentally, there is a local meme in my community about “40 million,” and thus, a certain member from that group gave me the title of “Ouji-sama 40 juta” (40-million prince). I don’t know if I should be happy or not :v

And so, that concludes our looooooooong journey from May 2011. Good ending reached.

Speaking about competitions though, PLASMA 2012‘s competition had also ended on 24th March, and will be announcing the winners on 31th. Several of my juniors also attended it. I’m pretty sure they would score a good rank too, let’s wish them the best of luck ;D

Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Closing Event of Think Quest Competition 2011!

  1. you sir, are awesome,

    winning one of those TQ Competition had been one of my dreams until the last year, but i let it go …

    i’m really happy seeing this, congratulations 😀

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