Story of the Children Playing in the Train Roads

This is a very good story to reflect on. The following drawings were not made by me, and I don’t know who is the original artist. I merely translate the texts into English. You can contact me for the original Indonesian version. Click on the images to enlarge.


Stop for a while and think carefully about your decision, before continuing.


The same thing applies in life.

In short-term, maybe if the unjust majority is left as it is, it won’t make much change. However, in the long term, it will end up giving more negative result than the positive one, like how the train accident would kill hundreds of people for saving a few. Corruption, discrimination, bullying… and many more.

That’s why, if the situation permits, we should always try our best to protect what is sacred, uphold what is just.


5 thoughts on “Story of the Children Playing in the Train Roads

  1. hmm.. I did choose not to switch the track with the same reason that the three children were wrong.. but I didn’t analyze it till the danger of the passenger.. :O

    it happens in a split second, can not think that further ahead D:

  2. nice one Kev 🙂
    at first I took time to consider the opposite of what most people thought and found it logical, yet past 1 o’clock, there are some flaws in my POV after all.

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