7 Equations to Show Valentine Passion in Math

Whoever made the heart symbol to express love clearly didn’t give enough resemblance to the realistic shape of heart, but some of these graphs show that love knows no border — even for scientific students or math manias!

And this one is for the 3D form:

Some of you might be thinking…

Don’t worry, meet GeoGebra. It’s a free mathematics software that joins geometry, algebra, tables, graphing, statistics and calculus in one easy-to-use package. Not only you can use this to show those graphs, it will also help you a lot in your studies 😀


Neat, aren’t they? Now you can have something to show to your math-loving crush, or simply spread those beautiful equations.

That’s it from me for now,

Happy Valentine and may your day be filled with love, today and the upcoming days!

Origins of the Chinese New Year

Copyright of the image belongs to Arc System Works.

Happy Chinese New Year 2563, everyone!

It’s time to play fireworks, dress in red, and of course, the one you all love… red envelopes! Mmm-hmm, the Chinese sure have interesting traditions, aren’t they? Have you ever feel curious where do those traditions originated from?

In this post, I’ve made a Blazblue sprite comic to tell you the origins behind the Chinese New Year. Check it out!

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Chinese New Year Frenzy – XII Science-1 Style

Result of too much 9gagging

In order to celebrate the incoming Chinese New Year and the passed Christmas, my school negated the lessons today and held two events (can be three depending on how you treat them).

And as Boromir said, my class, the XII-Science 1, did not simply celebrate it dully.

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Indonesia-tan Celebrates Indonesia’s 66th Birthday!

Today, on the 17th of August, the people of Indonesia celebrates a very meaningful day — The 66th birthday of Indonesia — The day of their independence!

As a contribution for this country I loved so much, I made something with my art. Introducing Indonesia-tan, or Indo nee-tan as my friends nicknamed her.

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Meet my Mascot – Hinazumi Maya

My Mascot

Who is Hinazumi Maya?
Hinazumi Maya is my original character as well as the mascot of this site. She was first created during my early days of junior high school as a random scribble, however by strings of fate, gained more development and became my favorite original character.

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