Myths and Facts – The Misunderstood Events of Galileo’s Heliocentrism Affair

Galileo and his Heliocentrism. It is one of the classic fables about science vs. religion that we have been hearing for ages. However, how much of it was really the truth and how much is just myth?

One day I stumbled upon a comprehensive analysis to the answer of this question, which presented facts contrary to the widely-known tale. Because the author had already made a great writing, I figured I’d just repost what he wrote.

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3 Tendencies that are Holding Us Back from Improvement


Our brain is amazing. Not only it coordinated the immune system to fight off physical hazards, it also equips itself with layers and layers of defense mechanism to protect our mind. Ironically, it is the same defense mechanisms that are preventing us to grow up more often that it actually is protecting us.

Your psyche will try to shoot down anything that might keep things from staying exactly where they are. It doesn’t want to accept that you are wrong; You are always right. So even now, some of you reading this might be feeling your brain bombard you with loads of reasons to reject it. If you’re one of those, I’m warning you that what follows might not be comfortable. But if you’re willing to embrace the discomfort for the sake of improving yourself, then let’s take a look together at the forms this mechanism often come in.

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Magic of Perspective: Easy Steps to be Happier!

What defines a person with a happy life?

Is it his possessions? Is it his career? Why do many fortunate people instead feel unhappy in his/her life?

Often, happiness is not about something we have, but about how we see things. In this article, I will share how a difference of perspective can mean a lot!

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Closing Event of Think Quest Competition 2011!

The victor team of Think Quest Competition "Jakarta of my Dream Contest 2011" from Regina Pacis High School Jakarta, mentor teacher, headmaster, and two of the committees

Today, 26th March 2012 is the long-awaited final event of the National Think Quest Competition “Jakarta of my Dream Contest 2011.”

Think Quest Competition is an annual competition dedicated to cultivate students’ critical thinking ability and the ability to utilize technology. The overseas Think Quest event is held by Oracle Foundation, and the national Think Quest is held by the cooperation between Oracle, Department of Education, and Pesona Edu. The winner of the national level can go to the overseas level to compete even higher.

Last year’s contest, the aforementioned “Jakarta of my Dream Contest 2011” was held from May ~ December 2011, with over 5,240 participants nationwide. The event experienced several delays though, which is why the announcement is just today in March 2012.

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PLASMA 2012 Day 1 Coverage!

Official poster from PLASMA

PLASMA stands for “Pelatihan dan Lomba Penelitian Anak SMA” (Research Training and Competition for High School Students), an annual event hold by Student Research Unit at Atma Jaya Catholic University, a renowned University in Indonesia. This series of activities is devoted for high school students to get to know researches and foster critical thinking.

Every year, this event trains a big number of high school students from numerous schools in Jabodetabek, Indonesia and then holds a research competition, where I and my team were the victor last year.

This year though, I came to PLASMA not as a participant anymore, because my school forbids third graders from participating in inter-school competitions from 2nd semester onward, to focus them on their upcoming final tests; but I still came to mentor my underclassmen who participates in PLASMA, as well as to see the brilliance of this event this year 😀

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3 Ways How People Unintentionally Nurtured Corruption in Their Governments

Translation: "We pay tax not for YOU!"

Corruption is all the rage today. No country is unrelated to corruption. It is a disgraceful act which makes everyone pay the effects. Weakening economy, poor public facility quality, social and economical gap, and many other.
Often, people criticize their governments heavily, whether for being unable to fight corruption, or being the source of corruption itself. But, only a few people realize that they also take part in establishing a society where corruption nurtured healthily.

Internet’s Future: ACTA – Out of Crocodile’s Mouth into a Lion’s

Over the recent months, the internet was in chaos, as netizens all around the world opposed SOPA/PIPA, the bill that would give the US government unprecedented authority to shut down websites without prior notice if the site is “suspected” of conducting a copyright infringement. For reasons explained in the link, SOPA/PIPA are counterproductive and will actually allow for lots of rule-abusing from the people who have power.

Now, with the combined forces of netizens and corporations like Google, WordPress, Wikipedia and many more, SOPA/PIPA were delayed. They’re not dead yet, but it is not that unsafe to assume that this is our victory — at least for now.

However, the recent chaos on SOPA/PIPA reveals a greater and darker secret held by the government… Not just USA, but worldwide. This is no more a thing to made fun of. The fight is not over. Not just for the internet, but also for privacy and freedom of expression.

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