Story of the Children Playing in the Train Roads

This is a very good story to reflect on. The following drawings were not made by me, and I don’t know who is the original artist. I merely translate the texts into English. You can contact me for the original Indonesian version. Click on the images to enlarge.

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Law of Energy Conservation Philosophy in Human Life

Are you familiar with the Law of Energy Conservation?

It is one of the prominent physic laws which states, “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it only changes its form.” 

The sum of all energies remain the same, from the time of creation until its eventual end. However, although the value remains, energy can change form. Water turns into vapor when heated, wood into fire, electric converted into kinetic energy, and so on.

However, the Energy Conservation Law (will be referred as “ECL” from this point) is not only a mere physic law. Few people realize that it also plays a vital role in our life as a human, a being that is not just quantitative as in science, but also qualitative. The things that happen in our life follows the ECL.


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