Indonesia-tan Celebrates Indonesia’s 66th Birthday!

Today, on the 17th of August, the people of Indonesia celebrates a very meaningful day — The 66th birthday of Indonesia — The day of their independence!

As a contribution for this country I loved so much, I made something with my art. Introducing Indonesia-tan, or Indo nee-tan as my friends nicknamed her.

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7 Programs of Japan to Reduce Plastic Problems

Disclaimer: This image is drawn by me, but credits for the concept go to Vilia, Lalib, Muhammad and Ikhsan from SMA 48

Every minute, the Earth is facing more and more problems. One of the prominent problems nowadays is plastic waste. Plastic waste is dangerous; It needs hundreds of years to decompose, can clog up rivers, disturb the natural ecosystem, and even when burned, it will result in an imperfect combustion process and turn into carcinogenic material in the air, which can cause fatal diseases to human.

However, the ever-increasing demand of plastic made it hard to solve this problem. Then, what we can do? This post will list 7 programs done by Japan to reduce plastic problems and things that we can also do ourselves.

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